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"Married in Mission" is an accessible guide that aims to help couples who are engaged in overseas ministry grow as husbands, as wives, and as missioners by drawing upon psychology, theology, intercultural studies, and the real-time wisdom of married persons with past international service experience...



"If you’re married and engaged in cross-cultural ministry, this book belongs in your hands and then in your reference library. It’s not your average prescriptive marriage book, but carefully and competently tailored for folks in cross-cultural service. It accounts for a variety of roles and seasons."

​​Kimberly Todd

Writer & Contributor

"Velvet Ashes," February 2017




"For each of these 'Stages of Cross-Cultural Transition' Kenny provides three valuable exercises. Yes, each couple will need a notebook; that totals 21 thought-provoking, soul-searching, practical excursions which will help process and document the experience. This will become a journal that promises to be integral to wherever 'next steps' might lead. 


Do not sell this author short! One might think her youthful inexperience or Catholic background would some how disqualify her speaking to a broader audience. Not so! We highly recommend this little paperback is included in the backpack of those headed for the field, those on the field or those preparing for reentry." 

​​Mark Brazle

Directory of Missionary Care

Missions Resource Network

"Missionary Care Messenger," October 2016



"While the handbook concentrates on spousal dynamics, concepts presented and exercises offered can be effective for any two or more people serving in close proximity. Gleanings from this material could be utilized in a variety of contexts: team building, marriage seminars, and even personal self-discovery."

​​Ken Wiggers

Retired, MA Human Resources Leadership, Azusa Pacific University

30 years in HR Administration and Management Training

"Evangelical Missions Quarterly," April 2016



"Kenny's approach to marriage theology is meant to foster a strong sense of intentionality for couples. She portrays marriage as a vocation and a ministry that influences the world around it."

​​Dannis Matteson

Catholic Common Ground Initiative

The Bernardin Center at Catholic Theological Union

"Daily Theology," October 2015



 "Having lived and served as a Maryknoll lay missionary family in Latin America as a father and husband, I would encourage couples, family and mission directors/trainer to carefully appreciate the spiritual and practical advice Kenny offers in this book. In reading through it, I was powerfully reminded of the similar joys and difficulties we experienced in international service."

​​Dr. Mike Gable

Mission Office Director of the Archdioece of Cincinnati

Adjunct Professor of Missiology, Xavier Univeristy

"MISSIOLOGY," April 2016



"I do believe that this book could be used for any couple working cross-culturally, whether of the Catholic faith or not. There are some real gems that will help strengthen your marriage – and that is something, I believe, we all want in married life. Strong and happy marriages."

MaDonna Maurer​​

Professional Blogger

Raising TCKs

Founder of "Raising TCKs," May 2017

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